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 303 East Church Street - - - Benson, NC 27504

Preserving the peace, reducing fear, providing a safe environment, and enforcing the law.

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Main Street in Benson.  Photo courtesy Town of Benson.

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Kenneth O. Edwards

Chief of Police

On behalf of myself, and the officers of our department, welcome to the website of the Benson, NC Police Department. We hope that you will find our site informative and helpful, and that it will allow you to get to know us, and our department better.

In January of 2003, when I became Chief of Police, we set a goal of modernizing our department, and upgrading our operations, through the use of various grants to obtain additional positions, equipment, and technology. Thanks to hard work, perserverance, and the support of our community and elected officials, we have made remarkable progress.

We have Mobile Data Terminals and mobile printers in our vehicles, and we were the first municipality in our county to implement "eCitation," a software program that electronically transmits citations directly to the Clerk of Courts office. We are completing wreck reports on the MDT's, and we are also completing Incident Reports on them as well. In 2006, we equipped our officers with "TASERs", and in 2008, we joined with other agencies in our county in being the pilot participants with NCAWARE, a computerized storage system for Criminal Papers. In 2011, we began the process to join the CJLEADS program, which is a centralized statewide database of information, and in 2012, we reached full participation. As an agency, we are committed to advancing with the times, and we will continue to pursue, aquire and utilize the latest and most helpful technologies possible.

My vision for the department is for it to be staffed by highly trained, highly motivated officers, who genuinely care about the community they serve. They will have the best equipment, and the best training available, and they will take a personal interest in working with the community to solve both simple and complex problems.

Law enforcement is an ever-changing profession, and it is my responsibility to ensure that our department will keep abreast, or stay ahead of the advancements. I look forward to the continued utilization of community partnerships that have been built in the past, and with your help, the Benson Police Department will continue to move confidently into the future.

If you are interested in joining our agency, please visit our Links page for additional information. Thank you for visiting our website, and if you have any questions, suggestions, or comments, please don't hestitate to let me know.

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Published August, 2005

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