The Patrol Division of the Benson Police Department consists of eight officers. Currently, we are allotted two Sergeants, five Patrol Officers, and one DARE / GREAT officer, a Master Sergeant with over thirty years of law enforcement experience. Our Auxiliary force is supervised by an Auxiliary Sergeant, with additional Auxiliary officers on staff.



Master/Sergeant Gary Whitman




Sergeant Mario Bonilla



Sergeant Kaitlyn Wallace


Officer Jared Jordan


Officer Josh McNeill




Auxiliary/Sergeant Kevin Barbour


Auxiliary/Officer Neal Johnson


Auxiliary/Officer Jimmie Massengill


Auxiliary/Officer Patrick Snell


Auxiliary/Officer Jeff Young



These officers are tasked with patroling the community to ensure the safety and well-being of residents and visitors to the town. On most occasions, they will be the first officers on the scene if police assistance is requested, and they are most often responsible for completing any reports that may be necessary. Additionally, they will sometimes conduct preliminary investigations and gather evidence, unless or until a Detective arrives.


Our Patrol officers are encouraged to be visible in the community, and to assist the public in any way possible. Some of the complimentary services they provide are Unlocking Vehicles, After Hours Business Checks, and Residential House Watches. They also give guided tours of the Police Department to school groups, with advance notice. Additionally, they participate in the Special Olympics Torch Run, attend and participate in various Town functions and activities, and provide "Job Shadowing" and "Ride Alongs" to high school and community college students.


Law Enforcement is a challenging occupation, but the officers of the Benson Police Department Patrol Division are well trained and experienced professionals. If you have a compliment or complaint regarding any officer of the Patrol Division, or if you would like to make a special request for service, please contact Captain Greg Percy at 919-894-2091, or by email. You may also contact the other officers of the Patrol Division by email, by visiting our Contact Information page.


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