The Records Division of the Benson Police Department consists of one civilian Administrative Assistant, Amanda Mitchell, whose responsibilities include overseeing the use of Police-Pak, our current Records Management System, compiling and submitting monthly statistics to the State of North Carolina, providing copies of reports to the public, and handling walk in requests for information. The Admin. Assistant also answers multiple incoming telephone lines, monitors our 800mHz radio system, as well as the Town radio system, and prepares reports and correspondance for the Chief of Police. We have two workstation DCI terminals at our agency, as well as fourteen MDT DCI terminals in our vehicles, and as the Terminal Agency Coordinator, she monitors their use and provides training as necessary, and also must be a certified DCI Operator, and as such, has access to DMV and NCIC files.


If you need a copy of an Incident Report, Arrest Report, or a Wreck Report, they can be obtained at the Records Office between 9 AM and 5 PM, Monday through Friday. The Records Office is located at the Police Department at 303 East Church Street in Benson, and is adjacent to the visitor lobby. When requesting a copy of a report, please have the case number available, as it will make it easier to locate your report. Our officers are trained to provide case numbers to the public for all reports they file, but if you do not receive one, or you have misplaced it, please have the date your report was filed, the type of report it is, and the officer's name if possible. Report copies can also be faxed to insurance companies, and to individuals in certain circumstances, so please inform the Administrative Assistant if you need a report faxed.


As a reminder, it generally takes between two to three days before a report is ready to be provided to the public. We have two levels of supervisory reviews on all reports, and both supervisors must approve the report before it can be released. Your understanding and patience will be appreciated.


If you have a question regarding the status of your report, or you need a copy of one, please call the Records Office at 919-894-2091, come by the office in person, or contact the Administrative Assistant by email.


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