The Special Services Division of the Benson Police Department consists of one Community Oriented Police (COPS) Officer, and one Animal Control Officer.  


The COPS Officer position was created in 2010, using grant funds obtained from the US Department of Justice. Our department received funding for the salary and benefits of one officer for a three year period, and because of the success of the position, it became a permanent addition to the department. The primary primary responsibility for this officer is to act as the liason between the Police Department and our community; by meeting and speaking with community groups, business owners, and citizens and visitors alike. Our Community Watch program is also included in the responsibilities of the position, as well as performing Security Checks at businesses and residences, and giving presentations to school groups.


The ultimate goal of the Community Oriented Police program is to facilitate a constructive dialog and relationship with the community we serve, by providing an officer to answer questions, make suggestions, tackle community problems, and just be a friendly face that everyone knows.


Another responsibility of the Special Services Division is Animal Control. The Town of Benson operates a small holding shelter, but eventually, all stray animals are transferred to the Johnston County Animal Shelter. Our Animal Control Officer responds to various incidents involving animals, and is also subject to being called upon to capture animals, or assist in other ways at any time.


If you would like to schedule a presentation by the COPS Officer for your group, if you need to speak with someone about specific ordinances, or you have an animal complaint you need addressed, please contact the Police Department at 919-894-2091. You may also contact the COPS Officer by email.

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